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Kat Eyz Banjo Bridges

The Kat Eyz banjo bridge design was developed in 1995 thru a slow process of trial and refinements. The unique design and high quality woods will help produce a clear and vibrant tone for your banjo.

The Prowler bridge design was introduced in 2003 for folks who like a more traditional look. The tonal properties of this bridge are also clear and vibrant.

Choosing Your Kat Eyz Banjo Bridge - easy as 1-2-3

1. Start by choosing one of 2 bridge types:
Regular top Kat Eyz banjo bridge
Traditional construction, with top wood glued to frame along the entire bridge width.
Price: $32.95  ORDER THIS TYPE...
Pegged top Kat Eyz banjo bridge
Allows string vibrations to pass through the bridge without penetrating a solid glue line at the topwood/framewood marriage. Very small glue dots are used between (but not under) string slots. Pegs reduce amount of glue used. Folks are loving this bridge!
Price: $37.95  ORDER THIS TYPE...
2. Next choose one of 3 bridge models:
Kat Eyz Kat Eyz model banjo bridge The innovative design that started all the excitement
Prowler Prowler model banjo bridge by Kat Eyz A more traditional style with slightly angled oval cutouts, adding strength to the center portion
Tenor 4-string banjo bridge by Kat Eyz For 4-string tenor & plectrum banjos. Features the Kat Eyz style cutouts for superior strength and acoustic response
3. Choose the options for your bridge (specify when you order)
Option Choices Notes
Frame Wood Submerged-timber Maple, Submerged-timber Birch, Select Maple, McCormick Spice Factory Maple, or send your own wood.  
Top Wood Ebony, African Blackwood, Purple Heart, Rosewood, Snakewood  
Height Standard heights: 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, .656, 11/16, or 3/4 inch. Custom height available. Included. No extra charge for custom
Top Width Regular, wide, narrow  
Spacing Standard, Crowe, unslotted. Custom spacing available. No extra charge for custom
Banjo type Right-handed player (most common type), Left-handed player No extra charge for lefty!
Compensated Optionally add a compensated 3rd string slot No extra charge
Radiused 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch. Single or double radius. No extra charge for single. Please email for double price
Kat Eyz single radius banjo bridge  Kat Eyz double radius banjo bridge
Single Radius                         Double Radius

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