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Link your site to Kat Eyz!

If you like your Kat Eyz product, I would really appreciate you letting other folks know about Kat Eyz. One great way to do that is to link your web site or blog to our site. That not only shows other people what you have chosen to use, but also helps our site in the search engines so other folks can find us easily.

Below is the HTML code for 2 link banners: one for Kat Eyz bridges, and one for Kat Eyz capos. Use one or both! Just copy the code and paste it into a the source code of a web page or your blog.

Thank you! I appreciate your confidence and support for Kat Eyz!

– Mike Smith

HTML Link Banner

These are the most search-engine friendly kind of banners. If your site or blog has no character limit, these are a great way to go.

Bridge Link Banner
HTML Code: Result on your page:

Image-based Link Banner

For Facebook and other social networking sites that limit the amount of HTML code characters you can place on a page.

Banjo Bridge
Kat Eyz banner
246 chars.